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Jack and Jill went up the hill               nursery rhymes for childrennursery songs for children

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Nursery Rhymes . . . for children.

Lots of Lovely, Long, Laughable Tongue Twisters for children . . . 

Tongue Twisters Starting with: T

Terry Teeter a teeter-totter teacher

Thank the other three brothers

That bloke's back bike brake-block broke

That sphinx

The batter with the butter is the batter that is better!

The big black bug bit the big black bear

The big black bug's blood ran blue

The blue bluebird blinks - 1

The blue bluebird blinks - 2

The bootblack bought the black boot back

The bottle of perfume that Willy sent

The cat crept into the crypt

The crow flew over the river

The epitome of femininity

The great Greek grape growers

The king would sing

The Leith police dismisseth us

The little red lorry went down Limuru road

The minx mixed a medicinal mixture

The myth of Miss Muffet

The ochre ogre ogled the poker

The owner of the inside inn

The queen in green screamed

The ruddy widow really wants ripe watermelon

The sawingest saw I ever saw saw

The seething seas ceaseth

The sinking steamer sank

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick

The Smothers brothers

The soldiers should have shooters

The soldier's shoulder surely hurts

The thirty-three thieves

The two-twenty-two train

Theophiles Thistle the successful thistle-sifter

Theophilus Thadeus Thistledown

There are two minutes difference

There once was a man who had a sister

There once was a two toed she toad tree toad

There those thousand thinkers were thinking

There was a fisherman named Fisher

There was a little witch which

There was a young fisher named Fischer - 1

There was a young fisher named Fischer - 2

There's a sandwich on the sand

These thousand tricky tongue twisters

They have left the thriftshop

Thick thimbles

Thieves seize skis

Thin grippy thick slippery

Thin sticks thick bricks

Thirty-three thirsty thundering thoroughbreds

Thirty-three thousand people

This is a zither

This is the sixth zebra snoozing thoroughly

Thousand thinkers

Three free throws - 1

Three free throws - 2

Three gray geese in the green grass grazing

Three short sword sheaths

Three Tree Turtles

Three twigs twined tightly

Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew

Tie a knot tie a knot

Tie twine to three tree twigs


Tim the thin twin tinsmith

To begin to toboggan first buy a toboggan

To put a pipe in byte mode

To sit in solemn silence in a dull dark dock

Tom threw Tim three thumbtacks

Tommy Tommy toiling in a tailor's shop

Tommy Tucker tried to tie Tammy's Turtles tie

Toy boat

Tragedy strategy

Truly rural truly rural truly rural

Twelve twins twirled twelve twigs

Two dozen double damask dinner napkins

Two tiny tigers take two taxis to town

Two to two to Toulouse?

Two toads totally tired

Two tried and true tridents

Two Truckee truckers truculently truckling

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Nursery Rhymes . . . for children.

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