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Nursery Rhymes . . . for children.


Crivens Jings Help Ma Boab


Crivens Jings Help Ma Boab
He cries when he's in trouble,
When knocking off Old Murdoch's hat,
He runs away at the double.
Doon his dungarees he hides his old and trusty catty,
Chasin the scent of his favourite tea...his Ma's mince and tatties.

Verse 1:
The news of today I think we'd all say,
it better not to be read
So when the Sunday Post arrives, we turn to the fun page instead,
That's where we'll read of the tricks and the games
of Scotland’s oldest wee boy,
This rascal is called 'Oor Wullie' you know,
The countries pride and joy... Chorus
2nd verse
Along with his pals, Oor Wullie will play,
Fat Boab, Wee Eck Soapy Souter,
They fish and play fitba and scrap and plunk school,
And Wullie ends up wi a keeker,
Then its back to his hoose, with his friendly wee pet,
Not a dog not a cat or canary,
And he tries to sneak him to bed and night,
His moose he calls his 'wee jeemie'... Chorus

3rd Verse
At the end of the day, Oor Wullie will tell,
Of the tricks and the games and the fun,
As he sits on his bucket his favourite seat - he winks as he gives a wee grin,
So now lets reflect on the years that's gone bye, since our pal first appeared on a Sunday,
And the happiness brought to our people since then,
Whether there're nine or there're ninety... Chorus

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Nursery Rhymes . . . for children.

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